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How can I tell if I got reps or real Jordans?

As you know, there are a large number of counterfeits on the market and identifying real shoes does require some expertise. With the popularity of Jordans, counterfeits of different manufacturing processes have also become popular. However, it is especially important to identify the authenticity of Jordan shoes. The following tips can help you effectively:

1, price: first of all, if the Air Jordan 11 Low Legend Pink price is too cheap, it is likely to be fake. Formal authorised Jordan shoes generally have a fixed price range, and products that are significantly lower than the market price may be problematic.

2, meticulous workmanship: carefully observe the details of the shoes, including the threads, stitching, soles and so on. Genuine Jordan shoes are usually made of high-quality materials with exquisite workmanship, while fake products often look rough in the details.

Logo and label: check the logo on the tongue, the heel and the label on the tongue, etc.. Genuine products usually have clear and delicate logos, while fakes may have typos, unclear fonts and other problems.

4, the box: the box of genuine Jordan usually has some fine details, including patterns, colours, etc., while the packaging of counterfeit products often looks rough and the pattern is blurred.

5, authenticity check: some Air Jordan 11 shoes provide authenticity check service on the official website. You can verify the authenticity of the shoes by entering the specific code or serial number on the shoes.

For such high-fake products, careful observation is the key. Then, according to your budget, reasonably choose some reliable high-fashion brand merchants or online platforms to make sure you enjoy the charm of Jordan shoes.